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Green Pattern

Bleed Runner

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Bleed Runner Game Art

A 2.5D cyberpunk beat-em-up in which a lone knight fights against an encroaching plague! Suddenly stricken with the disease, seek the cure on the mysterious spaceship and survive by grabbing, throwing, and pummeling enemies for blood!


Oosia - Berklee/USC Student Collaboration Project


Oosia is a voxel-art puzzle game following the story of Meursault, a father in search of his missing daughter, Emilie. Quantum tunnel through time and space to manipulate entangled objects to solve the mystery of Emilie's disappearance. 

Snowy Day

Crescendo - Berklee/USC Student Collaboration Project

Music was made for a music-based puzzle game called Crescendo. Using Wwise/Unity, I created a demo to show off the music mechanic of the game. Each piece is split into three sections (rhythm, chords, and melody) and can be mixed and matched with eachother.


Space Themed Tracks

Star Cluster

I love writing music that makes you feel like you're floating through space.

Synth based and atmospheric tracks for exploring the cosmos.


Retro Synthwave (Inspired by "The Finals")


Retro synthwave track I wrote that was heavily inspired by the music in "The Finals".

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